Influence of Inherent Alkali Content and Surface Area of Biomass Char on its CO2 Gasification Reactivity

P. Lahijani; G. D. Najafpour; M. Mohammadi

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 1-5

  In this work, isothermal gasification reactivity of pistachio nut shell (PNS) char and oil palm shell (OPS) char was studied under CO2 using Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The effects of temperature, inherent alkali content and surface area of each biomass char on promotion of CO2 gasification reactivity ...  Read More

Optimum Production of Biodiesel from an Underutilized and Potential Feed stock, Kusum Seed Oil

A. K. Yadav

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 6-10

  Day by day the energy consumption is very rapidly increasing. The world’s fossil fuel supply will be depleted in future. The rate of energy consumption is increasing the supply is depleted resulting in inflation and energy shortage. This is called the energy crisis. Alternate or renewable energy ...  Read More

The Required Land Area for Installing a Photovoltaic Power Plant

A. Al-Khazzar

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 11-17

  Till now the conversion efficiency of the commercial photovoltaic (PV) solar modules is in the range of 14 to 20%. Therefore, PV power plants need very large area to achieve the desired output power. This paper presents some proper calculations to estimate land area occupied by the PV array. Calculations ...  Read More

Optimization and Production of Botryococcus braunii Biomass Using Commercial Nutrients by Response Surface Methodology

C. Kurinjimalar; G. Kavitha; S. S. Begum; G. Rajaram; S. Nagaraj; N. Senthilkumar; R. Rengasamy

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 18-25

  Biofuel production by a sustainable method using microalgae is entirely dependent on biomass production. However, commercialization at large scale using microalgae is a major obstacle using analytical grade growth nutrients, due to their cost effectiveness. Hence, development of a cost effective method ...  Read More

Modified Sequencing Batch Airlift Reactor Capability in MTBE Removal

B. Ayati; M. Rezaei

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 26-30

  The aim of this study was to investigate MTBE removal efficiency using sequencing batch airlift reactor (SBAR) and to determine the share of aeration and adsorption processes during the operation. The present study was conducted with a new design of the system (cubic area and embedded baffle). The reactor ...  Read More

Determination of Kinetic Parameters in Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge for Amol's Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment Plant

N. Azimi; G. D. Najafpour; M. Sadeghpoor

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 31-35

  In this study the performance of integrated fixed film activated sludge system (IFAS)  in Amol industrial wastewater treatment plant (Amol, Iran) in treatment of food industrial wastewater was investigated. In addition, kinetic coefficients were evaluated for the system. The capacity of this system ...  Read More

Acid Adsorption on the Activated Charcoal Synthesized from Low Cost Agricultural Waste under Varying Condition

P. Chaithra; K. Hemashree; J. I. Bhat

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 36-43

  The activated charcoal (AC) was synthesized from banana leaf rim (BLR) through three activation methods; physical (BLRC), chemical (Z BLRC, zinc chloride) and microwave activation (MW BLRC). The AC was characterised using powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and field emission scanning electron microscope ...  Read More

Combined Treatment of Sewage Sludge and Solid Waste Organic Fraction – the Duplex-Technology

P. Hartwig

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 44-47

  The energy demand of the wastewater treatment is contributing with a significant share to the running costs. Through optimization of the technology and the process control, the specific energy demand can be reduced to < 20 kWh/PE∙year. Only with the technology of anaerobic digestion of the sewage ...  Read More

Removal of Binary Mixture of Textile Dyes on Prosopis Juliflora Pods – Equilibrium, Kinetics and Thermodynamics Studies

M. K. Raman; G. Muthuraman

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 48-55

  Prosopis juliflora pods is a low cost material obtained from semi-arid region, was evaluated as adsorbent  for the removal of binary textile dye mixture (Gold HE-R and Green HE-4BD).  The effect of pH, concentration of dyes, adsorbent dose and contact time were obtained in batch adsorption ...  Read More

Assessment of Kinetic Coefficients for Chrome Tannery Wastewater Treatment by Activated Sludge System

M. A. I. Juel; S. A. Syed; T. K. Dey

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 56-60

  Activated sludge process is feasible and extensively method used for biological treatment of sewage and industrial wastewaters. The system is usually designed based on the simplified hydraulic related parameters. But design of biological treatment system based on hydraulic considerations is not reasonable ...  Read More

Turbidity Removal from Surface Water by Natural Coagulants and its Potential Application

S. Sasikala; G. Muthuraman

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 61-66

  The  Natural coagulant Vigna mungo, Zea mays were used to remove the turbidity from synthetic wastewater . Vigna mungo, Zea mays are ancient crop and having high proteins and nutrients. Chemical coagulants used it induce Alzheimer’s, Carcinogenic and neurotoxic health effects. This is alternative ...  Read More

Assessment of Gamma Radiation Level in Science Blocks in University of Uyo, Nigeria

I. E. Essien; A. Inyang

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 67-70

  The exposure level of gamma radiation and its consequent annual dose rate from the blocks faculty of sciences University of Uyo, Nigeria were investigated.  An in -situ measurements of the exposure level were conducted using Radex radiation meter model RD 1212. The mean exposure measured for the ...  Read More

Preparation and Characterization of Fuel Pellets from Corn Cob and Wheat Dust with Binder

S. A. El-Sayed; M. Khairy

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 71-87

  This study concentrates on pelletization of powdered corn cob  and wheat dust with 40% Epoxy binder. Two cylindrical pellets of different sizes and a new hexagonal one were investigated in this work. By densification process, the bulk density increased 8-10 times, having its maximum value fora hexagonal ...  Read More

Catalytic Pyrolysis of Tire Wastes for Liquid Fuel

M. S. Hossain; A. N. M. M. Rahman

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 88-94

  Severity of energy crisis is so acute in our society whereas environmental degradation is another challenging issue. Combining these two, environmental pollution can be eradicated permanently which is the burning issue for many countries of the world. Nowadays recycling of tire waste can be a dependable ...  Read More