IJEE rank B by MSRT
Dear IJEE authors and reviewers
Due to some unjustified lists which were not updated in the past years, IJEE staff must clearly announce that Iranian Journal of Energy and Environment (IJEE) is not listed in any blacklists. Please do not pay attention to the fake and careless news. IJEE has been approved as a scientific &  research based journal with a rank "B" according to the report published by Iran''s Ministry of Science Research and Technology (MSRT) in 1398-1399. According to government law all Iranian universities must follow MSRT rules and regulations, they are not in a position to rank any journal and arbitrarily put a journal on any denounced list. The main authorized agency would be  the Ministry of Science and Technology. Even "Impactfactor.ir" must follow MSRT rules and regulations.
IJEE office