Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, Autumn 2020, Pages 248-350 
4. Prediction of Solar Radiation According to Aerosol Optical Depth

Pages 271-276

F. Chabane; A. Arif; N. Moummi; A. Brima

6. Ecological Risk Assessment in Sediments from the Urbanized Lagoon of the Olympic Park

Pages 287-291

I. Y. D. C. Rodrigues; J. D. C. Campos; R. M. Cavalcante; A. C. Coutinho; A. T. Netto; A. L. D. S. Salomão

8. Variation of the Earth’s Irradiance over Some Selected Towns in Nigeria

Pages 301-307

F. O. Aweda; J. A. Oyewole; J. B. Fashae; T. K. Samson