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Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.V.R. & J.C. College of Engineering, Guntur, India


Now a days Fridges and Air-conditioners are mostly used in domestic environment. The CFCs have been almost ruled out since 1995 due to their huge impact on the ozone layer, due to the above problem HFC refrigerants are introduced but these are having a high GWP value, which causes environmental pollution. But later Kyoto protocol came into existence which stated the need to replace HFC’S due to their high GWP values. Along with the prevention of environmental pollution, performance improvement also very important. Performance of a conventional refrigeration system can be improved with the help of liquid-suction heat exchanger. So in this paper, Thermodynamic analysis of domestic refrigerator with liquid suction heat exchanger using R134a as a refrigerant was done and the results are compared with various low gwp refrigerants like, HFC152a, HC290, HC600a, HFO1234yf and HFO1234ze(E) as a possible alternative to 134a without any modification to the system. Performance parameters like COP, Refrigeration Effect, Compressor Work and Pressure ratio have been reported at various operating parameters like evaporator temperature, condenser temperature. Theoretical results revealed that all the low GWP refrigerants used in the analysis have a slightly lower performance the R134a at various condenser and evaporator temperatures


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