1 Mechanical Engineering Department, Renewable energy laboratory and sustainable development University of the Brothers Mentouri Constantine, Algeria

2 University Lorraine LEMTA ENSEM - 2 Avenue de la Forèt de Haye BP 90161 54505 Vandoeuvre CEDEX, France


Parabolic trough power plants have been developed on several concepts for production of renewable energy in integrated solar combined cycle system (ISCCS) and direct steam generation (DSG). Each concept has their characteristic due to solar energy configuration. Recently, technology for Solar aided power generation (SAPG) is appeared for optimization of these concepts by solar contribution system in hybrid power plants. The aim of this work is thermodynamic analysis on solar hybrid power plants system for ISCCS and DSG concepts. For these concepts, we evaluated the main differences in solar efficiency to electrical power. The solar aided power generation was proposed for evaluating the solar contribution in DSG concept. The study shows that the share of solar contribution in DSG concept is high, for the best method on thermal solar extraction in the DSG concept. Therefore, the optimum value of solar extraction is to preheat the feed water in the heater.These models were evaluated in this work which is simulated on TRNSYS software and System Advisor Model (SAM). The analysis in performance of hybrid concepts and solar contribution in new DSG concept can be evaluated. It was found the best method is solar contribution in the solar hybrid power plants.


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