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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria


Rolling process pelletizer which provides more efficient pelletizing technique that eases bio-fertilizers production had been designed. The designed mechanisms were centered on the dynamics of the machine components that consist mainly of links and joints. Tensions and loads were determined by following the force balance equations. Bearings were selected from the SKF bearing catalogue by considering their positions, evaluation of the demands of the failure theories alongside with the dynamic load carrying capacities. Stability test was conducted on conveyor/mixing shaft of mass 11.2561kg and density 8000kg/m3 by fixing one end and applying pressure of 1.061x10-3N/mm2 towards the other end in line with demands of distortion energy theory. Frame stability test was also conducted by applying beam mesh that generated 354 nodes and 334 elements. Tension of 205.2N and 126.5N were calculated at the pulley. Various loads and moments acting on different shafts were determined and represented diagrammatically. Von mises stress of 1.847E+00N/mm2 on conveyor shaft and upper bound axial and bending stress of 2.759E+06N/m2 on the frame that was below material’s yield strength of 2.068E+08N/m2 based on the result of simulation test indicated stability of the design. The design is expected to function as well in similar production areas.


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