Comparative Exergy, Economic and Environmental Analysis of Parabolic Trough Collector and Linear Fresnel Reflector

M. Maghsoudizadeh; M. Ameri; E. Jahanshahi Javaran; A. MotamedSadr; A. A. Feili Monfared

Volume 15, Issue 2 , April 2024, , Pages 177-186

  In recent years, the use of renewable energy sources and investigation on renewable energy have significantly grown. In this research, parabolic trough and linear Fresnel collectors, which are widely used in the field of solar energy, have been investigated from the point of view of exergy. First, the ...  Read More

Theoretical Study of Global Solar Radiation on Horizontal Area for Determination of Direct and Diffuse Solar Radiation

F. Chabane; N. Moummi; C. Toumi; S. Boultif; A. Hecini

Volume 14, Issue 1 , January 2023, , Pages 9-16

  This study aimed to compare global solar radiation on the horizontal area between two models of Chabane Foued and M.Capderou. The model of Chabane has been interested in pollution factors such as TL (turbidity), BE (Angstraon), and the chemical components of the air such as WV, O3, CH4, CO, CO2, and ...  Read More

Modelling Net Radiative Measurement of Meteorological Parameters Using MERRA-2 Data in Sub-Sahara African Town

F. O. Aweda; S. Adebayo; T. K. Samson; I. A. Ojedokun

Volume 12, Issue 2 , June 2021, , Pages 173-180

  In this study, the net radiation was estimated using a simple straightforward expression proposed by different researchers, which is based on the principle of the Fourier Series Technique. The estimation of net radiation of Iwo ( ) from the data collected from the archive of HelioClim satellite MERRA- ...  Read More