Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, Autumn 2017 
1. Leachate Characterisation and Heavy Metal Removal by Clay-Pressmud Batch Equilirium Study

Pages 249-254

H. Ahmad; N. I. Abd Ghalib; F. M. Shamshudin; N. Ismail

4. Biodegradation Behaviour of Particleboard Bonded with Modified PVOH/Oil Palm Starch and Nano Silicon Dioxide

Pages 269-273

A. K. Norani; R. Hashim; O. Sulaiman; S. Hiziroglu; S. Ujang; W. N. A. Wan Nadhari

5. Tannin-Bonded Rhizophora spp. Particleboards as Water Equivalent Phantom Material for High Energy Photons and Electrons

Pages 274-280

M. F. Mohd Yusof; P. N. K Abd Hamid; R. Hashim; A. A. Tajuddin; S. Bauk; N. Mohd Isa

10. An Efficient One-Pot Green Approach for the Synthesis of Α-aminonitriles with Alsba-15 as Nano Tubular Catalytic Reactor

Pages 305-317

M. Krishna Kolli; S. Reddy Dadireddy; P. Elamathi; G. Chandrasekar; S. Chidara