Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, Summer 2017 
2. Catalytic Pyrolysis of Waste Tires: the Influence of ZSM-Catalyst/Tire Ratio on Product

Pages 189-193

M. S. Hossain; A. Abedeen; M. R. Karim; M. Moniruzzaman; M. Juwel Hosen

4. Removal of Lead and Copper from Textile Wastewater Using Egg Shells

Pages 202-209

S. S. Pandey; N. B. Singh; S. P. Shukla; M. Tiwari

5. Biogas Production through Anaerobic Digestion of Tannery Solid Waste

Pages 210-215

M. A. Sayid Mia; M. Nur-E-Alam; S. Huque; M. M. Rahman; H. Ratnaweera

9. Bioremediation of Contaminated Clay Soils

Pages 234-238

A. Haghollahi; M. H. Fazaelipoor; M. Schafie