Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, Spring 2017 
1. Heterogeneous catalyst HZSM5 in Biodiesel production from rapeseed oil in batch process

Meghdad Mohammadpour; G. D. Najafpour Mostafa Rahimnejad; Mina kiakojouri (Iran)

3. Composition of waste at an early EU-landfill of Torma in Estonia

Yahya Jani; Mait Kriipsalu; Kaur-Mikk Pehme; Juris Burlakovs; Marika Hogl; Gintaras Denafas; William Hogl

7. Sulphated Zirconia Catalyst Prepared from Solid Sulphates by Non-Aqueous Method

Elizabeth J. Eterigho; T. S. Farrow; Silver E. Ejejigbe (Nigeria)

11. Determination of Particulate Matter and Toxic Gaseous in Ambient Air Adjacent to Industrial Area

Mohamed RMSR; Al-Gheethi AA; Fahira MAB; Fahimah H.; Yahaya NZ; Amir HK (Malaysia)