Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2016 
3. A Comparative Study on Biogas Production between Day and Night at Sime Darby’s Palm Oil Mill

M. A. Ubaidah; S. M. H. Syed Hilmi; M. F. Mohammed Yunus; S. Tahiruddin (Malaysia)

6. Preparation of Chitosan Beads for the Adsorption of Reactive Blue 4 from Aqueous Solutions

M. Vakili; M. Rafatullah; M. Hakimi Ibrahim; A. Zuhairi Abdullah; B. Salamatinia; Z. Gholami (Malaysia)

12. Palm Oil Mill Effluent Tertiary Treatment By Physicochemical Treatment Using Ferrous Sulphate

A. J. Asis; M. A. Mohd Arifin; R. Ngteni; S. Tahiruddin; M. O. Abdul Kadir (Malaysia)

13. Comparisons of Water Quality near Cage Culture Sites in Batang Ai Reservoir, Sarawak, Malaysia

T.Y. Ling; L. Nyanti; M. K. Nurul-Safinaz; S. F. Sim; J. Grinang (Malaysia)

17. Leaching Behavior of Construction and Demolition Waste (Concrete and Gypsum)

A.A. Nurhanim; I. Norli; N. Morad; H.P.S.A. Khalil (Malaysia)