Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 165-229 
1. The Interest of the Wind Farm of Adrar to the Southwest Network of Algeria

Pages 165-170

Hocine Guentri; Fatiha Lakdja; Fatima Zohra Gherbi; Tayeb Allaoui

2. Fabrication and Performance Analysis of a Higher Efficient Dual-Axis Automated Solar Tracker

Pages 171-177

M. R. Rahman; M. S. Hossain; Sheikh Shehab Uddin; A. S. M. Ibrahim

8. Estimation of Global Solar Radiation and Clearness Index in Coast of Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria

Pages 211-215

Oluwatimileyin Adeniji Nathaniel; Adeola Solomon Oluwadara; Oluwagbemileke Adeniji Joshua; Akinpelu A. Jacob

9. Modeling, Monitoring and Prediction of Drought in Iran

Pages 216-224

Behroz Sobhani; Vahid Safarian Zengir; Mohammed Kia Kianian