Behaviour of Early Age Shrinkage of Concrete with Binary and Ternary Combination of Fly Ash and Pond Ash with Addition of Glass Fiber

Document Type : Original Article


1 Civil Engineering Department, ICFAI University Tripura, Agartala, India

2 Civil Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology Raipur (NIT Raipur), Chhattisgarh, India


Fly ash and pond ash are two by-products of thermal power stations. These industrial wastes require a lot of landfill area and are also causing harm to the environment. By using locally available fly ash and pond ash as partial replacement of cement and fine aggregate, a green concrete shall be produced. These by-products substantially reduce the consumption of natural lime and sand for sustainable development. Before using them in concrete, a deep study should be conducted on the physical behavior of concrete with these industrial by-products. The objective of this paper is to investigate the influence of coarse fly ash, pond ash, and fiber on the early age shrinkage behavior of concrete. In this research cement is partially replaced with fly ash and sand is partially replaced with pond ash individually and simultaneously in addition to 0.1% of glass fiber.  Suitability of these materials considering cost is suggested for practical use.