Alkali Enzymatic Extraction of Keratin Protein from Chicken Feather Waste in Bangladesh

Document Type : Original Article


1 Leather Research Institute, Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Savar, Dhaka-1350, Bangladesh

2 Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh


Keratin is a highly specialized fibrous protein, which is found in feathers, hair, wool and nails. Bioremediation of these waste materials is an issue requiring serious attention regarding environmental concern. In the present research work keratin protein is extracted from poultry chicken feather which is now treated as valueless product of poultry processing plants. Although it contains high keratin protein content, this byproduct is dumped continuously into the environment without further treatment. Millions of tons of chicken feathers are produced every year from poultry industry of Bangladesh which disposed off into environment without any industrial treatment.  This protein rich valuable byproduct can be recycled and utilized effectively which has great economic and ecological importance. In this study, alkali-enzymatic hydrolysis was done for the extraction of keratin protein from feather.  Desired result was found in reflux condensation system which yielded 76.2% protein hydrolysate compared to conventional hot plate hydrolysis which was yielded 52.63%. Detection and concentration of protein were determined by Biuret and Kjeldahl methods respectively.