Passive Cooling in Shavadoon of Traditional Buildings of Dezful City: Cooling Through Renewable Energy Sources

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Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran


Dezful city, located in southwest of Iran, has a hot and semi-humid climate. In the past, architectures used design solutions to provide the cold of living space. Shavadoon is one of the most important design for reaching this goal. Shavadoon is an underground space in traditional buildings of Dezful city designed with a trend of respect and protection of natural environment. Shavadoon, linked with its peripheral environment, provided an appropriate space for sheltering residents in summers hot weather without a need of energy of fossil fuels. Exploring the causes of thermal comfort in this underground space with no need to non-renewable energies was the aim of this article. In this article passive cooling of shavadoon was reviewed in a descriptive and analytic procedure. Results indicated that the architectural design of shavadoon is such that cool down the shavadoon through three types of cooling including the ground cooling, cooling through ventilation and evaporative cooling.


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