Corrosion Studies of Carbon Steel in 3% NaCl Solution in the Presence of Expired Ceftin: Investigation of Environment Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor

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Karnatak University


In this investigation, the application of the Ceftin drug on the prevention of the corrosion of carbon steel in 3 % NaCl solution was examined through weight loss (mass loss), gasometric and atomic absorption spectroscopy techniques. The effectiveness of the Ceftin drug as corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel was proved by weight loss, gasometric and atomic absorption spectroscopy results. The increase in the Ceftin drug concentration decreases the carbon steel weight loss in the 3 % NaCl solution, which is due to the formation of invisible thick layer on the carbon steel in the 3 % NaCl solution. The increase in the contact time decreases the corrosion inhibition property of expired Ceftin drug. Gasometric studies show that, the amount of hydrogen gas evolved decreases with rise in the concentration of 3 % NaCl solution. The results of atomic absorption spectroscopy well support the weight loss (mass loss) and gasometric results.