Thermodynamic Second Law Analysis of Hydromagnetic Gravity-Driven Two-step Exothermic Chemical Reactive Flow with Heat Absorption Along a Channel

Document Type: Original Article


1 Landmark University, Matheamtics, Aba, Nigeria

2 Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Mathematics and Computer Science


This study examines the second law of thermodynamic gravity-driven viscous combustible fluid flow of two-step exothermic chemical reaction with heat absorption and convective cooling under bimolecular kinetic. The flow is acted upon by periodic changes in the axial pressure gradient and time along the axis of the channel with the existence of magnetic field. The heat convection at the channel surfaces with the environment is the same and satisfies the Newtons law of cooling. The dimensionless main equations of the flow are solved using a convergent and stable semi-implicit finite difference method. The effect of some fluid parameters associated with the problem on momentum and temperature are obtained. The expression for irreversibility ratio, volumetric entropy generation and Bejan number along with the graphical results are presented and quantitatively discussed.