Impact Energy of Weld Metal in CK45 Carbon Steel

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Materials Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


Due to high joint efficiency, welding is widely used to join materials. Today, there are many types of welding procedures in different manufacturing industries. Among welding procedures, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is a versatile process due to its high flexibility. In this process, arc voltage, welding current, and welding speed are the main variables which can strongly affect the mechanical properties of the weld metal. Based on the available literature, many research works have been conducted on the GMAW process but there is still little experimental research on impact energy of the weld metal specifically in medium-carbon steels. Impact energy of the weld metal is extremely important particulary for the structures subjected to impact loads. Hence, the present paper is conducted to reveal the effect of GMAW variables on impact energy of the weld metal in CK45 carbon steel. The results of this paper indicated that the heat input value and weld bead size in different welding conditions are main factors which affect the impact energy of the weld metal.