Keywords = Adsorption
Number of Articles: 5
1. Remediation of Phenol-contaminated Aqueous Solutions by Synthesized Organoclay

Volume 10, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 242-247

Sepideh Nasrollahpour; Dariush Yousefi Kebria; Mohammad Ghavami

3. Sequestration of Copper (II) and Iron (II) Ions from Electroplating Effluent Using Crab Shells Chitosan Stabilized Silver Nanocomposite

Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Pages 1-9

Abdulmumuni Sumaila; Mohammed Ndamitso Mohammed; YAHAYA IYAKA AHMAD; SAKA AMBALI ABDULKAREEM; Tijani Jimoh (Nigeria)

4. Removal of Cadmium (II) from aqueous solutions onto Dodonaeae Viscose Leg powder using a green process: Isotherms, Kinetics and Thermodynamics

Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Pages 10-16

Mohamed E O Erhayem; Mohamed Masaaoud; Fatima Altohami, (Lybia)

5. Adsorptive removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solutions using CoFe1.9Mo0.1O4 magnetic nanoparticles

Volume 9, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 247-254

Ibrahim Ali Amar; Abubaker Sharif; Maryam Alkhayali; Maymounah Jabji; Fatima Altohami; Mabroukah AbdulQadir; Mohammed Ahwidi (Lybia)